Dit driedaagse programma verzorgen wij momenteel in de engelse taal, onze excuses voor het ontbreken van een vertaling. Onderaan de pagina is een Nederlandstalig overzicht van de programmaflow  toegevoegd. De volledige vertaling volgt spoedig.

1.1    Introduction

Selling and serving

The average salesperson is seen as a “fast talker, hard-closer, razzle-dazzle come in and make a sale and hit the road without finding out anything about the customer”. The old stereotype salesperson doesn’t bother to know who the customer is, or what he wants. The major reason why consultants feel uncomfortable about selling is because of an image of the sales person as being that kind of crass, unfeeling kind of person. The fact is that our customers have changed in their response to salespe
ople and consultants with an aim to sell.

The word “sell” comes from the Norwegian “seije”, and it means “to serve”. So, selling is really serving not just about jamming a product down someone’s throat, and it may end up as selling. For a consultant it requires listening to the client rather than trying to sell without listening. By listening, you serve. We developed this programme about sales for the non sales professional.

1.2    Goal of the program

Mind-set and enthusiasm

This program concerns the consultants’ mind-set towards selling. During a three-day experiential training session we aim to transform how non-sales professionals regard the selling process. Making sure that listening and advising is actually seen as serving, knowing that what they are offering is a valuable contribution, actually so valuable that they feel the need to make an extra effort to convince your client of that value without feeling a salesman!

That ‘knowing’ generates enthusiasm, the consultants’ enthusiasm, seeing that what you’ve got is invaluable. By examining and overcoming fears about selling, we teach participants how to cultivate consultative relationships that yield positive and profitable results.

By examining and overcoming fears about selling, we teach participants how to cultivate consultative relationships that yield positive and profitable results.

1.3    Our approach

Consultancy and consultative selling

We will be discussing and practising several topics in communication and the sales process:

  1. Consultancy and consultative selling;
  2. Skills in Relationship-Based Selling;
  3. Life Orientations ® training*: how to handle differing customer personality styles*;
  4. Uncovering prospects needs;
  5. Role plays (with professional training actor);
  6. 5 Phase Approach to Reach Goals (NLP);
  7. Overcoming Sales Objections;
  8. How to Effectively Close Sales.

* Life Orientations is a theory about human actions, aimed at optimizing human performance and stimulating the strengths of people who work together. This creates a better climate for cooperation and effective problem solving. The LIFO® method helps people understand preferred behaviour in tension and conflict situations, and in the selling process.

1.4    Results

Outcome of the program

This sales training course blends instruction, discussion and practice to build skills in the consultative sales process. Participants grow confidence in how to match client needs with company products and contribute to overall sales goals.

By completing this intensive two-day training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understanding the role and position of a consultant being an Advisor, Expert or Delivering Services, and use them;
  • Gain impact
  • Understanding of the basic sales process in 5 steps (NLP);
  • Gain confidence in the sales role as a consultant – How to build rapport
  • Knowledge of listening & questioning skills
  • How to overcome objections and gain commitment
  • Understand different customer orientations: influence and effective communication

Program description

2.1    Pre course work

Life Orientations questionnaire on line

The participants will be asked to complete the LIFO® profile questionnaire (on-line) and to bring the results to the training. This will be the starting point for their development in being a trusted advisor.

2.2    Program day 1: ‘contact before contract’

During a three-day experiential training session we aim to develop the non-sales professionals view on the selling process as being part of the ‘consultants routines’.

This first day concerns the basics of consultancy skills in addition to your in company program about writing a business proposal, presentation skills and etiquette. These basics involve conversation skills, dealing with resistance and advising techniques such as intervention styles.

Morning: Effective communication and consultancy skills

  • Role ‘Given and Taken’ (Krantz & Maltz)
  • Establishing Rapport
  • Basics in conversation skills: the paradox of the goal
  • The advising process
  • Crafting powerful questions

Afternoon: Experiential learning with actor:

  • The power of dialogue and listening skills
  • Difficult conversations
  • Intervention styles.

2.3    Program day 2: consultative selling

Morning program: Relation based consultancy

  • Redefining your role being a consultant
  • The five-step-sales-process (NLP)
  • Contact and trust before contract!
  • The power of dialogue and listenings skills II
  • Crafting Powerful Questions II

Afternoon and evening program: The 5 step sales process

  • The art of convincing others;
  • Role plays with actor practicing the 5 steps sales process:
  1. Establishing ‘rapport’
  2. Exploring customers/buyers motives and needs
  3. Link needs to your products and services
  4. Overcoming objections
  5. Asking for the sale

2.4    Program day 3: know yourself, know your customer

Life Orientations training


  • Theory four orientations and behavioral aspects;
  • Applying the LifO-method in the sales process;
  • Your personal LifO-profile;

Customer profiling, client related consultancy styles

  • Customer profile diagnoses;
  • Bridging and other strategies to the customer;
  • Role plays;

Nederlandstalige variant

Voor dit programma is een driedaagse variant ontwikkelt in de Nederlandse taal volgens onderstaande programmaflow. Neem contact met ons op voor de mogelijkheden.